In March of 2018, I spent a lot of time wandering through the Wikipedia Commons, researching book cover designs from the early 1900's. I came across a book called "Memorie di un Pulcino" by an Italian author, Ida Baccini.

Although it has striking similarities to other typefaces (Antiqua Roman, Belwe-Antiqua, Ehmcke-Antiqua) designed around that time, I realized it had not yet been digitized so I decided to do my own digital interpretation.

Read about the design process below.

Type Design


Type Design
Typeface Revival

[fig. 0] shows the book cover and the first pages in the book which I was drawn to instantly. The letterforms felt like they had history to them, but I felt like I came across something lost to the world.

[fig. 1] is a scan of the original design and [fig. 2] is the digitized version.

[fig. ]

[fig. 3] I found examples where alternative letters were used, like the top heavy "R" to the more normal looking "R".

"Replica" is still being worked on. It currently has uppercase, lowercase, a few ligatures, and very basic punctuation. In mid 2020, I redrew all the letters from scratch because I wasn't happy with the quality of the letterforms. I also redesigned all the serifs — which in my original cut were rounded and had a hand-drawn feel — to a more squared serif to give a more sturdy and durable feel to them.

This page currently has the first drawing of "Replica" that I designed in 2018.